Personalized trips for every traveler.

Imagine a world where your travelers are able to plan and book a personalised trip itinerary all in one place, all in a matter of seconds. Let Bridgify give your travelers an experience they will never forget, whilst unlocking additional revenue streams for your business.
AI travel assistant

Help Your Travelers Explore

With Bridgify, travel retailers can now offer their customers a one-stop-shop for planning a unique, AI powered, personalized travel itinerary complete with hidden gems, as well as offering tours and activities at the lowest rates in the market.

Personalized itinerary suggestions

We know everyone is different. That’s why every customer will enjoy specially tailored offerings based on their trip type, availability, budget and personal preferences.

Smart trip planning experience

With just a few clicks, your travelers will receive a fully editable trip plan which includes travel time, distance, and details regarding opening hours.

Better attractions, better prices

Bridgify’s smart algorithms continuously scan the internet to find even the most under-the-radar activities with the lowest rates for every attraction.

We empower Travel Retailers

67% out of total in-destination T&A bookings are made online. Travel retailers are losing revenue and currently don't have the right tools to retrieve these lost revenue streams.

This is where we come in.

A new stream of revenue.

Every paid experience booked via Bridgify earns your business a commision.

The average amount a tourist spends each day on T&As



Up to


The revenue share your business earns from each booking made via Bridgify


The average return for each converted traveler per day

Your travelers, your brand.

Bridgify’s advanced technology is fully white-labeled and uses your color palette, so that your business gets the credit.

You'll receive a product that uses your business’ logo, fonts, colors and overall visual language.
AI travel assistant

Your travelers, your brand

Bridgify’s advanced technology is fully white-labeled to your brand, so it will be you that will get the fame

The product will use your business’ logo, fonts, colors and overall visual language.

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Want to know more?

How will my business grow its revenue?

In addition to enjoying an increased business volume due to higher ratings of overall satisfaction, your business will benefit from commissions earned from every paid activity booked via our platform.

How can Bridgify help increase my business’ rate & reputation?

Since our product is completely white-labeled, all of its benefits to your customers will be attributed to you.

How do you ensure that your T&A’s suggestions are accurate?

Bridgify's AI algorithms are constantly improving in order to provide an accurate result while using as little personal information as possible in order to protect users privacy. The more you use the system, the more accurate the results.

How does the implementation process work?

One of our core strengths is rapid integration. The integration process usually takes just a few days. In the near future we plan to launch self-service integration capabilities which will make the startup time even faster.

Who is responsible for the product’s customer support?

Customer support is provided by the activity's provider, for example – Viator.  Of course if there are issues with the Bridgify platform itself we will deal with that promptly.