Traveling is all about the experience.

Experience is our speciality.

We believe in making memorable experiences more accessible. We believe that there is a better, smarter, easier way to travel so travelers can do as much as they can to achieve the best experience possible.

The Team

Amit Shamni
Co-Founder, CEO

A traveler by heart and Bridgify's CEO has a BizDev, big-data, and machine learning background.

Dafna David
Head of Product

Product Manager who is also a problem-solver and strategy savvy. Experienced in the startup and travel tech worlds, and now responsible for keeping our partners and travelers smiling.

Yaniv Grinblat
Head of Business Development

Progressive, driven, down-to-earth, innovative, energetic, precise, dynamic, andmanagerial expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and underbudget.

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