Tourism is all about experience

Experience is our speciality.

We believe in creating memorable experience more accessible.  We believe that there is a better, smarter, easier way to travel so travelers can achieve the best outcome of their trip.

The team

Amit Shamni

Co-Founder, CEO

A traveler by heart and Bridgify's CEO has a BizDev, big-data, and machine learning background.

Udi Leutashi

Co-Founder, CTO

Highly capable senior full-stack developer with significant experience in Back-End, AI, and machine learning algorithms

Aviad Shahar

Head of Design

UX expert with a vast experience working in corporations and startups. Aviad is responsible for keeping our users smiling when engaging with our products

Yaniv Grinblat

Head of Business Development

Progressive, driven, down-to-earth, innovative, energetic, precise, dynamic, andmanagerial expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and underbudget.

Wanna join the team?

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