Traveling is all about the experience.

Experience is our speciality.

Our History

As travelers, we found that when it comes to experiences and insights it's the local community who knows best. We recognized that by relying on their knowledge, we were able to explore new destinations through the local's perspectives, allowing us to embark on adventures like never before. We soon realised that there was no technology that enabled easy access when it came to connecting with these locals and finding hidden gems and experiences, and so Bridgify was born.
Nowadays, we believe that by providing a holistic solution to Travel-Retailers, we can support the travelers needs, whilst enhancing our customer abilities with better and larger value propositions.

We believe in making memorable experiences more accessible. We believe that there is a better, smarter, easier way to travel so travelers can do as much as they can to achieve the best experience possible.

The Team

Amit Shamni
Co-Founder, CEO

TravelTech & tourism industry entrepreneur, adventurer by heart, and Travel-lover. Expert in both business management and development and start-up management, as well as being a competitive intellegence expert.

Yosef Gold

Experienced development and product manager with extensive computer science and programming background. Expert in management and development of cutting edge products that have generated millions of dollars of revenue.

Dafna David
Head of Product

Product manager who is also a problem-solver and strategy savvy. Experienced in the startup and travel tech worlds, and now responsible for keeping our partners and travelers smiling.

Yaniv Grinblat
Head of Business Development

Entrepreneur, family man, and a travel expert. Ex-founder of travel-tech startup. A self-driven, down-to-earth, innovative, precise and dynamic persona which you can be relied on to pop up on time with creative ideas.

Orit Eldar Ziv
Product Manager

Imaginative, creative and a go getter. Experience in product management and skilled in analytics, UX design and communications. Loves to come up with new ideas and bringing them to life.

Anat Ben Yosef
VP of Partnerships (DMO and Airlines)

Former Israeli Diplomat. Travel & Tourism domain expert with over a decade of experience in marketing, BizDev and media relations. A fixer, connector and strong believer in the notion that a whole is more than the sum of its parts. 

Gilad Efrati
Full Stack Developer

Full-stack developer with a love for technology and entrepreneurship. Love to travel and enjoy being part of a team as it gives the ability to bounce ideas off others and turn dreams and ideas into reality. 

Anouchka Morris
Project Manager

Motivated, dedicated and unconventional thinker. Experienced in marketing and project management. Excited by new experiences and constantly looking for new challenges to overcome.

Uria Franko
Senior Developer

A self-taught developer who served four years in special forces. Eager to learn about new technologies and create unimaginable things. Passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. Co-founder of Pablo, Roomate and Em-Hint

Want to join the team?

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